5 Reasons To Move To Bryn Mawr, PA

5 Reasons To Move To Bryn Mawr, PA

The community of Bryn Mawr is best known for its exceptional education options including numerous private schools and excellent colleges. Conveniently nestled in two counties and tree townships, more than half of the community of Bryn Mawr is in the Lower Merion Township, but it also serves residents of the Haverford and Radnor townships. Bryn Mawr is also called home by Bryn Mawr College which is also nationally recognized, and by being a very convenient community to move to – you will quickly realize the potential that Bryn Mawr bursts with. With a population of over nine thousand residents, you will surely want to become one of them, once you have taken a look at our 5 reasons to move to Bryn Mawr below.

1.      Affordability

With a median home value of $265,000 and a median rental price of around $1,300, Bryn Mawr is considered to be an affordable community to live in. With many different housing options to choose from, you won’t have a hard time finding a property that ticks all of the boxes. While this can be difficult to find in the surrounding communities, this is not the case when house hunting in this community. With more people owning their homes, and a less percentage of renters, it might be a good option to purchase a property in this community while it is still affordable to do so – as it is bound to receive rapid growth in the future, considering the fact that it’s bursting with potential.

2.      Diversity

House hunting in Bryn Mawr is anything but a dull task. With a lot of housing options to choose from, you will surely find your dream home with no hassle at all. What makes this community unique, is the different styles and ages of residential housing that can be found around town. You will easily find an older home bursting with historic charm, but you can also find a modern home just as easily. Mansions, large ranches and French-style cluster homes are just a handful of the options you will be met with when looking for the perfect place to call home.

3.      Education

Probably one of the best benefits of moving to Bryn Mawr, is that your children will be receiving exceptional education. With 92% of the community being college-educated, you will quickly realize that Bryn Mawr takes education seriously – which is most definitely reflected in the public education system. With abundant private schooling options to choose from, along with amazing public schools and nationally recognized colleges, your child will always be receiving the best possible education when living in this amazing community. Award winning Bryn Mawr College is only one of the few factors that make this community extremely desirable to live in – along with many more.

4.      Things to do

The abundant options of things to do around Bryn Mawr might just be one of the most appealing features that this community has to offer. The center of Bryn Mawr, located along Lancaster Avenue is one of the community hotspots where you can easily spend your day-to-day. Here you will find the Ludington Library, located directly across the street from the train station – which is transformed into the Saturday Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. If you want to catch a movie with your family or friends, you can find some interesting options for all ages at The Bryn Mawr Film Institute. The community of Bryn Mawr, along with Haverford and Ardmore, is a participant in First Friday. Catching a live concert during the summer is easy, as the Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts are hosted every weekend during the entire season. If you are into collectibles, artisan creations and amazing food, you will love visiting the Clover Market regularly – as it is an outdoor weekly vendor gathering that can easily keep you busy. Grabbing a bite won’t be a problem in this community, as it offers numerous eateries that can offer you exquisite cuisine, such as Zoey’s Kitchen, The Grog, Frechetta and many more!

5.      Warm community

If you love staying active, you should know that Bryn Mawr is an extremely walkable community with a lot of opportunities to keep your days busy. With the amazing Preston Park and a polo field, you will love visiting these lovely areas for a picnic with your family or friends, or simply to go for a stroll around town and checking out the center. Bryn Mawr is a small community with a tight knit feel, you will always feel welcome by becoming a resident. Friendly neighbors are what makes Bryn Mawr an amazing place to settle down and raise a family, and with a small crime rate – there is simply no better combination. Living in Bryn Mawr will bring you tranquility and peace of mind, and that alone is enough reason to take the leap of faith and move to our lovely community.

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