Questions To Ask Your Local Movers

Questions To Ask Your Local Movers

The task that you have to do before your upcoming relocation that will determine the course of your move – hiring local movers. If this is your first time moving, it might be challenging for you to even start searching for professional movers that you want to use. With that in mind, here is something that might be helpful. And if you have already moved before, don’t fool yourself, moving is stressful no matter how many times we did it so far, so make sure to copy this list so you can find local movers that will make your relocation a piece of cake. 

You will hear many people saying that 13 is an unlucky number, but I think it is just perfect when hiring local movers – just enough to learn everything you want to know about your professional movers.

Considering that the average person from the US is moving over 10 times during the lifetime, I must say I do have a lot of experience when it comes to moving. Not only local but cross country too. And in my career as a consumer of moving services, I have used many different professional movers. From those that were extraordinary, to those that are not so professional. That experience helped me come up with this list of questions you should ask your potential local movers. 

Now, straight to the point! 

  1. How many local movers do you recommend?

Every move is different, so if you talked to your neighbor who had two local movers, it doesn’t mean that will be sufficient for your upcoming move. Professional movers determine the number of local movers based on much information: square footage, stairs, heavy items, the inventory list, how much packing is involved, and so on, and so on. Do I need to mention how important it is, to be honest with your local movers? Don’t try to mask that you have three flights of stairs or huge piano, because your professional movers will see it eventually, and that will lead to much more stress than needed. 

  1. Do you have any additional charges?

Different local movers – different pricing plans. Everyone is dreaming of finding perfect budget movers who will provide a perfect relocation at an affordable price. And that is possible. But you should always ask your local movers if there are some additional charges, so you don’t get surprised on your moving day. Planning a moving budget is a very important task that you will have, and you want to learn everything that your local movers are charging. Imagine finding perfect budget movers and find out on a moving day that some fuel charges can increase the price a lot. Honesty is required on both sides, from you and your local movers. 

  1. What services are included in the price?

After you learn more about the price your local movers are charging, you want to learn what is included in that price and whatnot, so you can prepare. Residential movers usually include tools for disassembly and reassembly, blankets and plastic wrap for the protection of your furniture, wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes, and moving dollies. Of course, local movers with a truck are a part of that price too. If you are looking for some extra services, those might be a bit more expensive. Or your budget movers are so affordable because they charge some services additionally. 

Don’t forget to mention any special requests you might have from your local movers, such as hoisting or decluttering. This may also affect the price. Or maybe, your local movers won’t be even able to help you with those. Preparation is the crucial part when you are moving and knowledge is power!

  1. Am I supposed to tip the local movers?

Probably the most common question that local movers get, but it is like that because there are no rules when it comes to this. Professional movers do get paid by the company they are working for, so you are not obligated to tip them. However, tipping became a part of our culture. It is pretty much the same as going to a restaurant – someone provided you with a service, and tips are kinda expected. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, or with the attitude that local movers had during the process, or anything that made you feel uncomfortable – you don’t have to tip them. Not only that you don’t have to, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You should tip your local movers when you are happy with the service you received. And how much? It is completely up to you! The tip should depend on the quality of service your local movers provided. And only that. 

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

Save yourself a lot of time, and just avoid local movers that are not licensed. You will find a lot of budget movers, whose prices will be way lower than the other companies are offering, and that is shady. In most cases like that, those local movers are not licensed. Why do you want to hire licensed professional movers? Because you don’t want to stress out if something gets damaged during the move, and not knowing if your local movers are going to cover at least part of the expenses. Most professional movers have basic coverage insurance included in the price. That is usually 60 cents per pound. It might seem like it is too low, but in most cases, your professional movers will do their best to make you happy with the offer. And you can always get extra moving insurance for some of your belongings if there are some super valuables. 

  1. What if something gets damaged?

Now, after you have learned about your local movers being licensed and insured and everything else sounds legit, you want to dig deeper. No one likes to think of the worse but to prepare, you should ask your local movers what is the procedure if something gets damaged. Or it doesn’t have to be any physical damage, you might want to file a claim on behalf of the attitude of your local movers or maybe the time they spent. How this usually looks like? You will have to call back the office because local movers are not allowed to offer you anything without the office. Once you explain the situation, your moving company might ask you to provide some pictures of damages or any other prof. Rule number one is not to panic, everything has a solution and if you have hired licensed local movers, you will be protected by the BBB too. And if your local movers are taking their job seriously, they will make sure to guide you through the whole process of filing a claim. At the end of the day, your local movers are humans, so the damages might happen. It is important how they deal with them. 

  1. Is there any weight limit? 

You should ask this because there is. Local movers always have a weight limit for particular items. There is no need to ask this if you have just the regular household furniture that residential movers can easily handle when disassembled. But if you have a safe, a pool table, grand piano, or anything that is not considered the usual or you know it is excessively heavy – ask your local movers if they can move it or not. Professional movers usually have a limit of 400 or 450 lbs. Don’t worry, if your professional movers cannot handle some of your heavy items, many specialized professional movers will be able to help you. You just need to know in advance if your residential movers cannot, so you can find someone who can deal with it. 

  1. Can professional movers move me up or down flights of stairs?

The answer is usually yes unless you live on the 10th floor without the elevator. But most of the moving companies recommend at least 3 movers if there are many flights of stairs. That is why you want to bring this up, so they can know what are they dealing with during your move. And you should follow their advice because having only 2 local movers carrying your furniture up and down 3 flights of stairs are going to be exhausting and the chances for damages will increase. 

  1. Can you pack for me?

If you can’t even think of packing without panicking, the best solution for you is to ask your professional movers to help you with this. Almost every local moving company is offering these services too, but there will be a price difference. Many budget movers are offering very affordable rates nowadays, so it might be perfect for you. Don’t forget to ask if the moving boxes are included in the price, or you have to purchase those separately. 

  1. Do I need to lay down the deposit? 

Professional movers will always ask you for a deposit. This is the best option for you and them – your spot will be locked down. Local movers won’t be thinking whether you still want to use their services on a moving day, and you won’t be wondering if your professional movers will show up. A deposit is always applied towards the final bill, so think of it as a downpayment. 

  1. Am I going to receive a confirmation email? 

Professional movers should send you the confirmation email as soon as you book their services. Most of the local movers don’t provide the client with the agreement until the moving day, and that might be too late for you to learn everything about your rights. That is why confirmation email is great, it is like a pre-agreement and contains all the necessary information for you. Don’t forget to read it! Double-check if the price matches the one your local movers provided over the phone. Also see if the pickup address, the date, and the arrival window are accurate as well. Maybe the sales representative made a mistake, and it is better to correct it immediately. If you spot anything that is not clear or that you would like to change, the sooner you reach back to your local movers, the better. Especially if we talk about the date because during the moving season, local movers get booked up pretty fast. 

  1. What is your cancellation policy?

Never book local movers with the agenda that you can cancel their services later if you find some budget movers that can help you. It is not fair because local movers are keeping that spot just for you. Most of the time those are family-owned businesses and they don’t have many professional movers that are available. You wouldn’t want to lose your business this way, right? So don’t do it to the others. However, life is unpredictable, and sometimes things can happen that will make you change your plans and therefore your moving day. You want to know what is the cancellation policy your local movers have when you need to reschedule or cancel. Most of the professional movers don’t return the deposit in case of cancellations. But if you have some important reason or some accident, they will be ready to forgive. It is important for you to be fair and to let your local movers about rescheduling or canceling in time, so they can have time to find another client.

  1. When will local movers arrive?

Don’t expect your professional movers to offer you a sharp time for their arrival, but they will have some time frame when you can expect your local movers to arrive. Most of the time, local movers will offer you to choose the arrival window. But if that is not the case, you need to know in advance when they will arrive so you can be ready by then, and to be at the address. Someone has to greet these guys! 

Bryn Mawr is a local moving company that I can recommend for anyone who is planning a move in this area. Their customer support is so nice, and their professional movers will do an impeccable job for you. So far, the best local movers on the market. Give them a call and get a free moving quote, you don’t have anything to lose. Oh, and make sure to save their number, because you will want to get back for more! 

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