Packing – how many boxes do you need

Packing – how many boxes do you need

Wondering how many boxes you’ll need to pack all your family’s belongings for your move? Read our complete guide to know the answer!

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It’s finally time for you to trade out your studio apartment for a house. You start the packing process and you don’t have near enough boxes. How many boxes does it take to pack up an entire studio?

The answer is more than you think. Studio apartments are small but if you have a lot of knickknacks and other things, you’d be surprised at how many boxes you’ll use up. This rule applies no matter if you live in a studio or a three-room house.

Need some help determining the number of boxes you’ll need to make your move? Check out this quick packing guide.

Our moving consultants are all experts in estimating the weight, volume, and costs for a move, but even they will agree that estimating the number of boxes for moving can be tricky. Truthfully, the number of boxes you need to purchase to start packing is completely variable and unique to every relocation. Some homes are sparse, some families are pack rats, and even the types of boxes needed are unique to what you own.

Therefore, the most accurate way to determine how many boxes you need will always be to have a professional moving consultant do an in-home survey and produce a cube sheet. The cube sheet will include the number and types of boxes you will need to start packing, and that list will be completely customized to your items.

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However, sometimes you just need a rule of thumb to purchase boxes and start packing. Here are some averages and generalizations we use for estimating the number of boxes needed for a move:

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Who knew that the scintillating world of moving boxes might have escaped your attention all these years?! But now that you’re moving, your curiosity is piqued, and you have questions, lots of questions. Do you wonder – How many boxes will I need? What sizes and types are necessary to protect my treasured belongings? Will packing go smoother if I have the right boxes? Can I rent boxes, so I don’t have to use cardboard? Where can I get free boxes?

We provide the answers to those pressing questions, plus offer even more dazzling details to help you become a moving box expert. Whether you buy heavy-duty or recycled boxes, rent boxes, or go on a trek to find used ones, this guide eliminates all the mysteries surrounding the world of packing boxes. Once you learn everything there is to know about moving boxes, you’ll be inspired to start packing!

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